Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Abigael Whittaker

stones, bones and a pocketful of storm clouds
new works by Abigael Whittaker

Opening Reception Friday November 6th
from 6pm
at Jugglers Art Space Inc

Abigael Whittaker

Abigael Whittaker

(study of dissipation) maybe if...
watercolour pencil and graphite on watercolour paper

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Abigael Whittaker

(study of dissipation)
maybe if I lie here long enough...

watercolour, gouache and graphite pencil on watercolour pencil

It seems only yesterday I used to believe

there was nothing under my skin but light.

If you cut me, I would shine.

But now when I fall upon the sidewalks of life,

I skin my knees. I bleed.”

William Collins


Fractured innocence and an abandonment of na├»ve trust in the familiar world of Brisbane based artist Abigael Whittaker has been the premise of her recent body of work ‘stones, bones and a pocketful of storm clouds.’


“I have had to explore fragility be it emotional, physical and mortal and it has thrust itself violently into my consciousness. It wasn’t a question of whether I wanted to explore this topic, but more that I had no choice but to try and understand this chaos and why it was relevant to me an my familiars.”


Abigael Whittaker’s narrative can be described as a tapestry of memories, imaginings and unadulterated emotions. Her work suggests a personal honesty juxtaposed by figures and scenarios which appear to have fallen from the pages of fairytales and storybooks.


Abigael holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at the Queensland University of Technology. It is her close relationship with fashion that sees much of her work based upon “a strong illustrative quality combined with elements of collage, painting and textile based details.”

Her previous successful solo exhibition ‘gypsy’ held at 19Karen gallery earlier in the year laid the foundations for which the ‘stones’ work has been built upon. Of this work the artists says:


“Stones has been about taking the tricks from previous shows and adapting them to a new process. This work from a technical perspective has been about developing the textile component with paint rather than using the fabrics themselves. The tone of this show is more foreboding than ‘gypsy’ so I needed a different approach to creating these figures.”


Abigael currently lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland. She is also an Artist in Residence at Jugglers Art Space Inc in the Fortitude Valley.


Amanda Ceccato

Amanda Ceccato is a Brisbane based artist, currently working as a resident at Jugglers Art Space in the Fortitude Valley. She has recently graduated with a degree in Fine Art, majoring in Painting and Photographic Art Practice.

Tiny Clouds with Little Hands is a body of work dealing with the effect of emotion and instinct on the territory between conscious and subconscious states of being. Here, the mind is capable of abandoning all sense of rationality and reasoning to take on a life of its own, virtually independent of the beholder, in a sort of super-reality. Amanda’s work relates to the places we are taken when caught in these moments, fuelled by perception and sentiment, yet surrendered to the ability of the mind in transporting us beyond what we know and trust. This is Amanda's first solo exhibition.

You said you will but of course you won't


Oil on canvas

Black widow and white wood

Oil on canvas

Something. Everything. Not at all

Oil on canvas

All coloured in
Oil on canvas

Kate Geck


Nic Plowman

Nic Plowman lives and works in Brisbane. The young artist is a two time finalist of the coveted Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and was acclaimed after his sell out solo show 'Magic, Sex. Death' at Jugglers Art Space in April 2008.

Nic's work often discuss a personal meditation on the diagnosis of life and the condition of being a subject of death. His results are powerful with images that seem to hover somewhere between what is imagined and dreamt versus what is real and exists by mixing exceptional drawing skills with a bold use of composition.

Nic has had two lots of Open Heart Surgery and has spent many hours contemplating his mortality and the fine line between beauty (life) and darkness (death). The hospital based works have been a consistent narrative within his work and serve as self therapy and an emotional launching point that keys his painting.

Randal Breen

Fun Wreakers 2008

Memories of Home Age 6-16

Boganville lot 10-13 2008

Randal Breen is a Brisbane based artists. he is passionate about exploring the built environment working in the mediums of painting and sculpture. Randal is currently working on a solo exhibition to be held at Jugglers in April 2010. the exhibition will be called 'MY LIFE AS A CARAVAN'. it will be exploring the life of a caravan hand built be Arthur Townsend in the early 60's.

Selected Solo's
Boganville, 2008, Jugglers

Selected group shows
hungry like a wolf, 2008, 19 Karen
Artery, 2008, Street and Garden
Metropolis, 2008, Kiln

Sam Eyles

study of the Koi fish for Perseverance III

study of the Koi fish for Perseverance II

Studio 2009

Idealistic, not practical; abstruse; free from representational qualities. Subordinating realism to symbolic or stylistic expression of the inner experience.

1997 - 2000 - Bachelor of Visual Arts
1995 - Advanced Certificate in Visual Arts
1994 - Certificate in Visual Art and Design
2008 - Co Director, Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives (BARI) Festival
2000 - 2009 - Practising Visual Artist
2005 - 2009 - Gallery Administrator and Curator, Jugglers Art Space Inc.
2009 - Management Team,
Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives (BARI) Festival

Sue-Ching Lascelles

Terry Summers

Vitor Dos Santos






supported artists

Andy Harwood:
Harwood’s artwork showcases his love for themes of consumerism, escapism and anxiety, and his recognition of social awkwardness. It’s in such observations of our culture where Harwood finds his inspiration most. His images depicting uneasy figures and typical social situations don’t place the subject in a specific environment. With titles “Man Self-Conscious Dancing,” “Social Chameleon” and “Drunk Struggling To Focus” Harwood allows the observer to determine the setting based on their own imagination.

Peter Breen


Megan Cope