Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Randal Breen

Fun Wreakers 2008

Memories of Home Age 6-16

Boganville lot 10-13 2008

Randal Breen is a Brisbane based artists. he is passionate about exploring the built environment working in the mediums of painting and sculpture. Randal is currently working on a solo exhibition to be held at Jugglers in April 2010. the exhibition will be called 'MY LIFE AS A CARAVAN'. it will be exploring the life of a caravan hand built be Arthur Townsend in the early 60's.

Selected Solo's
Boganville, 2008, Jugglers

Selected group shows
hungry like a wolf, 2008, 19 Karen
Artery, 2008, Street and Garden
Metropolis, 2008, Kiln

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